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Andrew was a fake positive

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--- Quote from: angelofdreams on July 15, 2006, 07:54:07 PM ---he has agreed to let doctors test him further, or at least that is what is said in the newspapers here in the uk

--- End quote ---

but if he did have hiv and now he doesn't, how can further tests shed light on whether or not his claims are true? if he never had it to begin with, again, how can further tests shed light on that? (sounds like a waste of resources and time to me or am i just slow?)

I believe that if he did have HIV infection but now doesn't, he should have a CTL response to HIV antigens. If he doesn't then he could have either cleared the virus by a mechanism we don't know or he never had it.



--- Quote from: HIVworker on July 16, 2006, 09:50:38 PM ---I believe that if he did have HIV infection but now doesn't, he should have a CTL response to HIV antigens. //snip//

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R, by that do you mean the same sort of situation where, for example, a person who had hep C infection but cleared it, either on their own or with help from drug treatment, would still test hcv positive on an antibody test? Because I was thinking the same thing if this were to ever happen with hiv infection.

Just wondering...


Not just antibodies, but the whole cytotoxic lymphocyte response should still be present even if the virus has been cleared. It is normal for their to be one if the virus was there. As far as we know it represents the bodies response.


Hi Guys,
Didn't he originally refuse further tests and threaten to sue Chelsea & Westminster hospital?  To be honest I got a bad vibe from him, I saw him interviewed on 'This Morning'(a magazine show here in the UK).  If any of us had the best news we could ever hear, would we refuse a few blood tests to help others and perhaps save millions of lives?  I've also thought how and why he could have done this, I think some people think you get a lot of benefits and maybe a home just for having HIV, this isn't the case, at lease not here in Manchester.  It would be so easy for someone who knew they had HIV, to go to a hospital, use some one elses name, get tested, then the negative person show up for the results.  The positive person could then give further blood samples as this is often done in another part of the hospital.  Thats just what I think has gone on, if it is, I hope they prosecute him.
Gary  ???


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