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Tested Antigen reactive EIA reactive Western Blot nonreactive

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I am so sorry.  I was really hoping you wouldn't be one of the ones that have the Western Blot turn reactive after testing later, that you would end up being a false positive--I checked the thread everyday hoping to find another post stating that effect.  We are all here for you--we have all been where you are now. 

Andy Velez:
Well, that is tough news to get.

Come on over to the LIVING WITH HIV section. You will find lots of support and information there. Open a thread and introduce yourself there. I won't comment any further here.

No matter how you feel you are not alone with this.

In solidarity,

I too have been checking your thread often.  While this is initially extremely tough news to deal with.  It gets easier.  You are not alone in this and many of us have flourished in spite of it.  Come on over to Living With as Andy said, you will find all the support you can dream of.


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