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HIV? poz about being neg:
HI I am a gay male who has never bottomed, I have only ever been a Top. I almost always use a condom but have had occasions where i did not.
recently i was traveling in Mexico for two weeks in a three week period. and began developing what seemed as a sun rash on my shoulders and chest. When i returned the second time to Mexico the following time the rash slowly progressed. small reddish marks. When i returned from Mexico the rash became more severe. and i began to get the chills mild fever and my throat became inflamed white pussy tonsils it burned to eat and drink. I went to the Dr. he prescribed Biaxin a very strong antibiotic. The rash vanished in a day the rash was present for almost 4 weeks. (my Dr first though Scarlet Fever and then Dengue Fever. I began getting extreme headaches in the morning and my back was extremely sensitive to touch. While I still had these flu like symptoms my Dr ordered an HIV test. The test results returned and I Tested reactive for Antigen, I tested Reactive For the EIA and the supplemental. But i tested nonreactive for the Western Blot. According to my Dr this still is a negative test.
So I am now getting a 2nd test done including another Western Blot and a PCR.
Professionals or anybody with some knowledge or similar experience please help I am freakin out. Also I have now started having severe night sweats that started after all the other symptoms subsided.

False positives are not an unheard of thing.  A variety things can cause a false positive (for example, Lyme Disease, Lupus, Syphilis, etc) on an ELISA--a very sensitive test, that is why it is followed up with a more specific confirmatory test--the Western Blot.  You didn't mention which PCR test (RNA or DNA) was ordered, but realize the potential for false positives are high there as well.   You also didn't mention the timeline in what you tested after your last unprotected exposure.  Assuming you tested at least 3 months after your last unprotected exposure--no other exposures since then, then you can be confident in the results being a false positive.  That said, I definitely agree with repeating your ELISA/Western Blot. 

HIV? poz about being neg:
My last sexual activity was about 4 weeks before the test. and the PCR test being done is the DNA i believe but unsure.

If you insist of doing a PCR, the only one approved for early detection is the PCR RNA. This is not a stand alone test and will have to be backed up by and ELISA and Western Blot test.

In addition to what Rod said, you can only conclusively test negative 3 months after your last unprotected exposure.  In reality, an ELISA/Western Blot is enough in terms of testing.  But also realize that BOTH must be positive for you to be considered HIV positive.  So assuming you keep testing this way, you can safely assume your ELISA is false positive.

Anyhow, since you admit to having unprotected sex, have you done a full STD panel?  Other STDs are much easier to get than HIV, so you need to get the full picture.


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