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Hi, I was tested poz last year, but I'm having trouble buying my meds in mexico, and the social security is not giving me the meds regularly, so I just want to know if there is a place in the US where i can buy generic meds because I don't make enough money to buy brand name, and here in mexico there is not a place to buy generic meds, I was thinking someplace where I can put an order by internet and pay with a credit card, and send the meds to mexico or to mcallen, tx.
Can someone help me please.
The meds that I'm taking are combivir and sustiva.

Isn't Canada supposed to be a place to get cheaper meds?



Yes we are cheaper than the USA, but now because of the amount of Drugs going South our Government is starting to put the breaks on the exidus of drugs south, so you better hurry it could end anytime.


I believe you can order generic meds from India on the internet.  I have seen a couple of posters on theses boards that do it. Maybe they can share the details.

are there generic antiretroviral drugs? ???


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