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et in arcadia ego:

I'm generally the worst golfer on Earth, but had an unusually good round today. Wondered if anyone else here plays much.

Oh, and I'm a lefty.

I hit balls almost every day. I just started playing again. I play three times a month. Used to play that much in a week,at least. My most expensive addiction.

et in arcadia ego:
Jake, my man...I knew we would agree  on something eventually... ;D

Peter B:
I play a bit of golf socially, used to play a lot some 20 years ago at school. Its the 19th hole that gets me everytime now!!!! I'm about a 14 handicap, but very erratic!


My 93 year old neighbor plays golf every day, weather permitting.

Old golfers never die, “like Jake” they just lose their balls! ;D



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