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Very Scared about first time cunnilingus experience

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Hi Everyone

I have been reading up on this subject and am starting to cope with this but I want some input as well. Here is my situation. I went to a massage parlor and got a handjob from the lady there, but while I was getting the handjob, I gave her oral but only for maybe 2-3 mins, and I did not see any sign of blood or anything like that. Now I am freaking out because I have a wife and daugther at home and I don't know if I am in danger of HIV or not. I read that is not a high risk but my oral health is not 100%, sometimes bleeding with brushing and three crowns in mouth. I am waiting to get tested, but I want to get some input on this issue if I even should be worried about testing or should just do it for piece of mind.

Thanks Everyone

HIV no worry other STDs possible.

What Kind of other std's could I get??

Gonorrhea, syphilis, Herpies, and chlamydia to name a few.

Thanks, I will do a full STD panel, I am probably due anyways, but is the HIV Testing even needed then or no?


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