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the film "Afterlife"


This is slightly off topic, but it's on topic for me!

The premise (from Roger Ebert): The people materialize from out of clear white light, as a belltolls. Where are they? An ordinary building is surrounded by greenery and an indistinct space. They are greeted by staff members who explain, courteously, that they have died, and are now at a way-station before the next stage of their experience. They will be here a week. Their assignment is to choose one memory, one only, from their lifetimes: One memory they want to save for eternity. Then a film will be made to reenact that memory, and they will move along, taking only that memory with them, forgetting everything else. They will spend eternity within their happiest memory.

The film is actually about what happens when we hesitate, when we think we have known our path, and find out that we have, through our own isolating efforts, been mistaken. One character says (and this is not a spoiler): "At the time [when he came to the building] I searched desperately inside myself for any memory of happiness. Now, fifty years later, I've learned that I was part of someone else's happiness. What a wonderful discovery. You too someday will find this."

We have, we will.


That sounds very interesting.  The concept is thought-provoking...

Hi Calv, you could have opened this in the off topic section, lots of things going there :).

I guess this could be another kind of answer to the many questions we earthlings have. Everyone seems to try and find logic in life until something comes up they feel most comfortable with and some will make it their 'relgion'... so to speak....This would add another interesting theory.

take care,



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