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Thanks to all of you.


Hey guys I am from Indianapolis. I tested poz a few weeks ago and am going through all of the hoops right now. I am getting a complete STD workup done and then will be refered to a ID doctor. I tested neg 6 months ago and took a test while at a bath house here in Indianapolis. It came back poz  and three weeks later so did the blood thing. I have been lucky in having friends here that have been poz for years, some as many as 22 and still going strong. Because of my faith in GOD and the support of my friends I am doing well even though its a pain in the ass.  After I get all of this stuff done I plan on working with young people with HIV as a volunteer and of course keep my full time job in mental health. I guess I am not freaking out because I have worked with HIV patients for so long that I know it is not a death sentence. 10 years ago we did not have the medication we have now so that should give us all hope. I also dabble in comedy and hope to use this in putting a smile on people faces. Laughter and a possitive outlook is the key. I can tell you that the mind is a powerful tool. For example I had a patient guy that has been poz for 18 years and never taken meds. He found out in prison 18 years ago and thought they were bullshiting him so that he would not have sex in prison. I would love to meet some new friends guys and hope that I can inspire you in any way I can. God Bless

Indyguy--like they say attitude is everything. And the best way to be encouraged is to encourage others.  But what we need on this board is one more comedian! ;)   (I'd think you'd find some pretty good material on these boards BTW)  But seriously, welcome to The Order.  It sucks to find out you qualify but I am sure finding out membership  has  its benefits. Have you applied for your gold card yet?

BTW I work in mental health too.

Best,   Rick

What is the gold card?

Welcom Indy Guy,

I hope that you will find this site to be as helpful as I have. I just started meds and am doing great.



--- Quote from: indyguy on January 12, 2007, 06:53:05 AM ---What is the gold card?

--- End quote ---

A gold card is my feeble attempt at humor :'(---like getting a Visa Gold Card with a membership.



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