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Capsaicin Patch? Update 2/5/07


Good Morning,

I just got back from the doctor's office for my three month blood letting. Three months ago, there was the possibility, that I could involve myself in a study with Lyrica. But, since I was on Acetyl- l- carnitine, I could not involve myself with this study.

The doctor informed today, there is another study going on, which I am qualified for, and this study involves using the Capsaicin Patch. ( This is for my neuropathy.) There are no restrictions on my supplement use.

The people that are doing this study work for Clinical Research, and they are going to get in touch with me in about a week. I don't have all the details on this study, but from what I understand, this study uses the Capsaicin patch, which is applied in the doctors office, and it's only applied once for 30 to 60 minutes, and then removed. This is just a one time thing. Has anyone heard of this? I have heard of capsaicin before, and I thought one of our members was going to give this a try.( perhaps it was Tim (Moffie). Anyone familiar with this. Anyone have good/ favorable results with this?

I will give more details on this as they become available.

Otherwise, doctor still very pleased with my previous blood test results, we"ll see what the results bring in for the blood tests that were done today, in about a week and a half.



Scroll down to Topical treatments for neuropathic pain there's an explanation of how the stuff works and a report on a study report:

There was a study reported at the 2006 Retrovirus conference, too: (Aidsmap write-up)

Only two in my work bookmarks.

Capsaicin comes as a cream and patch, and there have been variable reports of success, which is closely related to dose. If it works for you, the effects lasts a few weeks-months.

- matt

Hello Matt,

Thanks for those links. Very informative. The doctor had discussed with me, some of the information, provided in those links, but he didn't have the exact paperwork in front of him at the time I will get further info in another week, so I will see how this stuff works. I am looking forward to it.

Thanks again----Ray

I have my appointment in about an hour an a half. Will meet with the woman from clinical research in my doctors office at 10:45

Let you all know how this goes later today. Ed is driving me there, just in case I have some pain, and a narcotic has to be given to me. Hopefully it won't be too bad, I do have to go into work tonight.    < I should have put this on here



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