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Redoing my room. Again.

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Listen, I have nothing else to decorate, okay?

Anyways, last time I had an animal theme, now I'm doing asian stuff. My friend Max helped me pick some stuff that she thinks would fit in the theme, but I need like cheap, effective ideas. I'm having a yardsale thingie this weekend to get some money but it won't be a lot so I have to not pick expensive things. xD. The only expensive thing I'm considering is a little fountain, yes? But I'd have to save up a bit for it.

- Pandas.
- Tigers.
- Paper lanterns.
- Origami things.
- A mini zen garden.
- Dragons.
- Bonzai tree(s).

Anyone have anything to add?

cool...i like redecorating - always gives me a fresh perspective on things!

here are some links to design ideas for asian themed bedrooms...


Ooooh, I really liked some of the stuff on there. I think my biggest problem will be having the room for a lot of the stuff I want as my room is pretty tiny. ><;.


--- Quote from: Mouse on June 13, 2006, 12:27:17 PM ---- A mini zen garden.

--- End quote ---

like with sand? pets might mess it up thinking it's a litter box

Here's something cheap:  find four or five long, straightish branches.  Put them in a tall vase or umbrella stand or similar.  Buy a few stems of fake flowers, some with many small blossoms (Pink, white or yellow.)  Pull the blossoms off their stems and glue them randomly to the branches.   Stick the whole thing in a corner.


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