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   I guess I should start by saying that I was diagnosed positive on oct 4th, 2006.  I went to the doctor for a physical and one blood test led to another, that eventually led to my diagnosis.  Since then I have spent countless hours online researching as much as I could find and asking my doctor tons and tons of questions.  I waited many years to get tested and my doctor estimates that I have been HIV positive for over three years.  After careful planning and consideration,  I have started medication.  Treatment has been a whole lot easier than the rumors I have ever heard.  I take two pills at night before bed and that's it.  I am very thankful to be able to take meds and that treatment has advanced as far as it has.  My doctor ran all the appropriate tests and I have no resistances.  I am very thankful to have the opportunity to take a wide range of meds on the market. 
     So as a gay male, I have searched the internet far and wide to find others like myself.  Call it my support group, but it has been most helpful to me and has kept me from feeling completely alone.  I have one question that my doctor won't give me a direct answer to.  With a lot of the hiv positive gay men I have chatted with, most seem extremely comfortable with having bareback sex...  In fact, most seem to prefer it.  So my question lies with resistances.  If I decide to have unprotected sex with another hiv positive guy that has been around the block more than his fair share of times, what is the risk that I will "pickup" his resistances to medication?  And what is the chance that someone can become resistant to all the medications on the market? 
    I'm only 25, and I plan on seeing many many more years.  But these questions really make me wonder about my future and the future of the friends I have made.  I'd like to start dating, and would like to date another positive guy so that I can be there for him as much as he would be there for me, and with common understanding.  Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!

Hey--welcome!  Glad you found us.  I am fairly new to the forums myself--was diagnosed after you were.  I am finding the forums very helpful and the people are pretty cool.

About your question, I was just having that discussion with a friend on the forums the other day.  There are different strains of hiv out there so in fact you can still infect each other with a different strain barebacking.  And I am told that is a pretty bad condition to treat. 

A lot of us were infected barebacking I will assume.  It took me a while to accept my barebacking days were over at first, especially at this time in my life when I have found that one incredible man to share my life with.   But the consequences of not using a condom everytime I have  intercourse is something I am not willing to place anyone else and myself at risk for .

Hey, stick around and get to know folks here.  Glad you asked a very important question.

Best   Rick

BTW I may be misreading your post but I'd sure advise you to not limiting yourself to dating other pozes.  You can have a great sex life with a guy who is negative----gee!  a great life period.  I am here to tell you!!


Hey Guy,

Superinfection is one thing my doctors warned me about. This really complicates treatment because it could make whole classes of drugs unavailable to you, since once a virus develops resistance it is often to all drugs in that class. There is als HEP A,B,C, to consider which would really complicate things. Anal warts are highly correlated with anal cancer in HIV infected people and liver cancer with HEP B and C. Not to mention all the goodies that you can catch. Your liver is your best friend and the least pills it has to process the healthier it will be to deal with the meds you have to take. Don't jeapordize your health. When it comes to treatment the simpler you can keep it, the better. Barebacking is still a bad idea. That's how I got the AIDS. For the protection of you and your partner use a condom!


Dude I work in a hospital. DO NOT HAVE SEX WITHOUT A CONDOM. You are at risk of reinfecting you and your partner as well as hepititus. Not worth it.


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