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Amazing video

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I am glad you found it. I couldnīt post it because I was flying. It is incredible, but a few weeks ago I saw the man from the video in Chueca (Madrid) having a beer...he was still looking great.

I already had an initial appointment last week and this coming Friday, June 30 I will have a Bio-Alcamid procedure.  I took a week off from work.  Wish me luck.

...just to say good luck in your appointment...


--- Quote from: Tim Horn on June 13, 2006, 01:25:54 PM ---The video, I imagine, is somewhere on the site.

--- End quote ---

make sure to have a strong stomach before watching


Yes. Just click on the link above and then click "tratamientos". Once there click on "videos de demostracion". The first video is the procedure. And the second one is the same patient a week after the treatment.
It is very impresive if you first see the second video and compare it with the images at the begining of the first video.
The music is nice: "Canon" from Pachelbel.
Good Luck!


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