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Could this be? My Green Tea?

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I think just about any tea is actually good for you except that canned crap they sell at 7/11.  I brew lots of fresh tea at home that I use lemon and mint with it.  Much better for you than soda and probably has some health benefits....

Diet green tea is my drink of choice. Mainly because I like the taste and I can avoid the sugar of regular sweet tea or soft drinks.

There's probably a big difference between the green tea I drink (those cold, highly processed, high sugar content green tea products) and the real green tea.

I take these studies with a grain of salt.  Everything blocks HIV in the test tube.  I'm sure if they put urine in a test tube it would block/kill HIV, but I'm not about to start drinking urine.

I've heard that green tea can block Hiv...but green tea has a lot of other benefits as well.....excellent source of anitoxident....and a good memory booster for those who have bad memories.  I drink Green Tea fairly often and sometimes I suspect that it's keeping me away from the meds for now. I remember I stopped drinking Green Tea for 3 months after I got my lab results, and to my surprise, my VL went up from 20,000 to almost over 50, cd4 went from 450 to 290....though my cd% remained in the same range from 30% to 28%.  I started drinking Green Tea again and my numbers are lurking around in the 30,000 to 40,000 VL, cd4 never went back to the 400s...but it's in the 300 went back to the 30s.  This is just purely my observation for myself, i'm sure it's different for everyone.  Then again, it could be something else that is affecting the change of the numbers because I only did it once. 


All round tea toddler here,milk or lemon ...that includes an occasional cup of green.


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