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Could this be? My Green Tea?

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The best way to brew any kind of tea is by making sun/Indian tea. Take a large glass jar, fill it with water put your tea bags or loose wrapped tea in the jar, cover it and set it outside in the sun to brew. It will depend on how strong you want it to taste as to how long it will take. (maybe an hour) I bring my tea in according to the color.

This is truly the smoothest and best tasting tea ever.  ::)


KC, thanks to you I am back on green tea, and waking up every two hours to piss.

I get confused when these reports come out. Logic would dictate that people in countries that consume large amounts of green tea would have no cases of HIV. At least it is better than  coke or green apple martinis... well maybe not the martinis
Johnny- where are those drink icons?


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