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Could this be? My Green Tea?

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I drink a lot of green tea.  Wish I would have ten years ago!


I have my iced diet arizona green in front of me now.  I heard about this back in late 90s and really went crazy,drinking green tea and african honey bush tea for about 6 months. I got a one month blip in numbers,that my dr. said had to be a mistake.

awww I dont know... This sounds like when they said eggs were bad for you, then said eggs were good for you. I remember that Woody Allen movie SLEEPER where in the future smoking and eating bad foods was good for you.

Who did this study, and do they own stock in green tea's?  hmmmmm

i'm a big fan of all things herbal  8)

green tea with lemon is good...but even better, rooibos chai (rooibos spiced up with cinammon, cloves etc - think christmas in a mug) or honeybush tea.  In south africa, they give cooled rooibos to babies with colic - and i have to say, when my tummy's playing up, it does help.

i make home-made mint tea, with mint from the garden too...very refreshing.

happy drinking...


someone somewhere:
Love Green Tea with lemon hot or cold. I drink tons of it in the afternoon.Also like mint a lot too.

I have heard Green Tea is supposed to be really good for your teeth too.


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