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fear from injection

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I see you are still stressing over situations that have no basis in the facts of hiv transmission. Please seek the assistance of a mental health care provider to help you come to terms with your hiv anxieties. We cannot help you with that here.


I have learnt a great deal about hiv from this forum,i have never tried sex nor drugs, inoder to avoid hiv, but i don't know if there is any risk from this situation, please tell me directly about your opinion, ok?

I can't stand the fear any more, please do me a favour to help me, is there any risk in this situation?

 I am quite sure i touched some blood from the door knob or the table three minutes ago  and then picked up a piece of cotten to cover my vein cut, any risk for me?

Can hiv still alive outside three minutes later?Any documented infection  case happened before?

Andy Velez:
You say you have learned "a great deal" here, but apparently not quite enough.

There has never been a case of transmission via touching a doorknob or any such incident. None. Zero. And you aren't going to be the first. This kind of concern has absolutely no basis in HIV science.

It's beyond the realm of what we can help you with here. You need to be dealing with this with a mental health professional. And you've been told that before.

So stop giving us all sorts of compliments and instead do yourself a favor and get some real help for your problem.


I'm going to answer your PM here in the forum.  Any advice given needs to be done so publicly so as to be reviewable by the other members.

I won't include your question as it's the same one asked in this thread.

All of the worries you present to date stem from casual contact and, as such, do not present a risk for hiv infection.  If it were possible to become infected in this way, all of mankind would be hiv poitive by now.

Use condoms for sex and don't share needles with drug users and you will not become infected with hiv.

After all the advice you've been given about what is and is not a risk, you should know this by now. 

Since you are a police officer, you owe it to yourself to get properly educated on transmission vectors if you are going to be coming into contact with so many people every day.

Re-read all the advice you've been given in this and the old forum....  everything you need to know you've already been told and is contained there.



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