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fear from injection

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What you describe was no risk. If it were, the lads would have told you. Unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse or sharing drug injecting equipment really are the only ways you are likely to put yourself at risk of hiv infection. I wouldn't lie to you about this and neither would any one else who posts here.

You are still under a time-out warning. This is your last warning.


Many thanks to you, Ann!

I asked guys before me, they told me that they didn't cut their hands. But my worries is  what if they cut their hands without knowing it, since we were drinking beer at that moment.

If it were, what's my risk?



I understood what you were asking the first time, we all did.

You did not have a risk of hiv infection when you cut yourself with the bottle opener, even if your friends were all hiv positive, even if they also cut themselves.

You did NOT have a risk of hiv infection in anything you have ever brought to this forum.

It's high time you sought help for these heavy duty hiv anxieties of yours. We cannot help you with that, you must get face-to-face help and support.



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