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fear from injection

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 Dear expertsr,

Your forum has been one part of my life, thanks for your spiritual surpport of everbody who is suffering fears from HIV.


Glad we could help. I hope you're now getting counselling for your previous concerns.


I am sorry, Ann, i just coundn't log on in my original account, please forgive me, and help me with this question!


I just locked the second thread you started. Keep all your additional thoughts or questions in this thread please. Thank you.

Everyone had to re-register on this forum. It's totally different software.

I see you are still stressing over situations that have no basis in the facts of hiv transmission. Please seek the assistance of a mental health care provider to help you come to terms with your hiv anxieties. We cannot help you with that here.


I am so sorry to send wrong message!

Here is my story, please help me!

 This morning i went to the clinic to have a vein injection, when the nurse finished that, she drew the needle out off my vein, there is much blood come from my cut, in a hurry , i picked up a piece of cotton on the table to cover my cut. Suddenly, i remember that i had touched the door knob with my hand. Because it's a clinic, many persons come here to have injection, there would be some blood left on the door knob, and i might touch some blood in my hand, three minutes later, i picked up the cotton with the same hand to cover my vein cut.

1. what's my risk in this situation?
2.would hiv survived outside  three minutes later?
3.Is there any documented case of infection happened before?

Best wishes!


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