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Hello All! I am prepared to get tested but wanted to see if you think I should. I have read through this site recently about symptoms are I see some people also mention numbness/tingling as a symptom. My wierd sensations are mostly in my feet and a tad bit in my hands. It usually is bothersome when the temperature changes but its an all day occurence. Should I be concerned about this? My only possible exposure would have been unprotected Oral Sex. I recently had some blood work and it all came back fine. I have never had an Hiv test. Based on my exposure and my symptoms should I go and get tested. I have read about PN and I wonder if that is what I have. It seems like PN is usually accompanied by other symptoms as well so I am rather confused.

Besides this symptom I feel perfectly fine. I am a male and my partner was a female if that matters.

Thanks for your help!

If you are sexually active, it behooves you to get a full STD panel, including an HIV test, at least once a year. My vote is twice a year.

That having been said, I assume you have read our replies to those who mention/discuss symptoms. Under NO circumstances can you diagnose HIV through symptoms. And "regular" blood wortk is all but useless in determining your HIV status (or any other STD for that matter. Has EVERYONE forgotten about syphilis?). Only an HIV test and an STD panel can give you the information you require.

As a sexually active adult, you owe it to yourself and your partner(s) to maintain an accurate   knowledge regarding your sexual health.

Thanks for your quick response! Based on your knowledge of Hiv do you see many people who have it come down with Numbness or tingling as a symptom? I plan on getting tested this week. I also have gotten tested for all other STD's which came back negative.

Thanks again!


Peripheral neuropathy is not an ARS symptoms. PN is caused by damaging of the nerves very late in the disease (Aids)  or can be caused by antiviral medications.

Tingling in hands and feet can be a sign of anxiety or if one is using antidepressiva or tranquilizers (i.e Benzodiazepines, for example Xanax, Valium etc.) because they involve the GABA neurotransmitters.

Anyway, symptoms are never a way to diagnose HIV, only a test after the 3 months period can.

Hope this helps.

Best regards


I suffered from tingling hands, arms, burning legs, muscle twitches, eye twitches, irregular bowel movements, 4 months of insomnia, floaters in my eyes, urinary infection, fatigue, depression, raised hairs on arms & hands.

I experienced this for 18 months after I experienced some tingling in my hands and became obsessed with the thought that I had MS.

Since I recently had a potential exposure go HIV (albeit very slight) and I focused and obsessed on the possibility of getting HIV guessed what happened to my MS type symptoms......  :P

All MS type symptoms disappeared and I start feeling like I've got sore throat (Globus Hystericus most probably), Ear Ache & Jaw Pain (Bruxism most likely) and Fatigue (Stress most likely) yet I will almost try and create a link between these symptoms and ARS.

Anxiety/Hypochondria is an immensely powerful thing.

Trust your doctor. They may seem aloof at times but they very often know what they are talking about   ;)


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