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Worst Birthday Ever.

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Hey you, I feel I got "the bite" from oral sex...but  of course, its no point in dwelling on how we got it...I like you went through a depressed patch too...then I got angry that no stinkin' virus was going to cheat me out of a decent lifespan...I chanelled that anger into thinking positively....and with a little luck, good health care, and taking care of myself...I'm still alive and kicking almost seventeen years later...Please remember the great strides they are making in treating HIV....they have meds(if you should ever have to use them)coming down the pike that make todays stuff look crude....So hang in there, try not to worry(tough I know!) can look foward to a full and long life....:)

take care of yourself,

Minus - welcome.  I got the final confirmation of my results on my birthday in 2006, and I too believe I contracted it from oral sex.  Hang in there - it was only 9 months ago for me, but seems like forever.  Things will get better, and your life got a lot more 'interesting' but it is far from over.

I attended a speech given by Magic Johnson this week - wow, if there was ever a person who could make you feel like your life will be ok, it is him.  He has been positive for 15 years, looks great, and has had a wildly successful career the entire time. 

One thing that helped me - don't be alone.  I agree, that is the worst time.  Stay involved with friends, your career and other things that can keep you centered.  The bad days are not as bad when you have things going on. 

Stay strong.


--- Quote from: minus_25 on January 09, 2007, 01:15:28 PM ---Well, today is my 29th birthday and I had my first appointment with an infectious disease doctor.  Yesterday, my primary care doctor told me I was HIV positive with viral load count of 20,700.  I swear I must have contracted it orally, but in the end, I guess it doesn't matter.  What's done is done.  For what it's worth, here is my story:

November 9 - went to bath house and had protected sex with several guys, but not protected oral.  Only one guy came and I made it a point to check the condom.

November 23 - Developed a fever of 100.5 and vomited a couple of times.  There was no stuffy nose, no sore throat, and no body aches accompanying this fever.  It lasted about 2 days.

December 1 - I developed a rash like the one on this page -  It was on my torso, back, arms, and upper legs.  The rash was not itchy and I had no other symptoms with it - no fever, no aches, no diarrhea, no vomiting, no sore throat, nothing.  My best friend did notice that my face seemed a little swollen though (lymph nodes?).

December 4 - I went to the doctor with the rash.  He gave me a shot of something in the office and prescribed me mehylprednisolone and hydroxyzine.

December 6 - The rash subsided.

December 7 - I was worried at this point and gave blood at a clinic for my first HIV test.  It would take two weeks for the result.

December 15 - I coudn't wait for those results so I went to my doctor's office and gave them blood to be tested for all STDs including HIV, which I did sign for.  The doctor told me the following week that everything is fine with my tests.  This was a relief, so I figured not to worry about the test at the clinic.

Before Christmas but after I received doctor's office test result - The clinic called and told me they had an indeterminate result and wanted me to give more blood sample.  I couldn't come in until after Christmas though because I was leaving town.

January 2 - I went to see a counselor at the first clinic and he told me that I had a reactive ELISA test and an indeterminate WB test.  I told them about my doctor's test and gave them more blood.

January 3 -  I started freaking out so I went to a different clinic for a rapid HIV Oraquick test.  The test was reactive.  They wanted to take blood to confirm, but I told them I am already having that done.  After the test, I called my doctor and he had me come in and told me to take a Viral Load test the next morning and also prescribed me Epivir (once a day).

January 4 - I gave blood for the Viral load test in the morning.  I told someone I've kind of been seeing about what I was going through and he freaked out on me.  I took him to get a rapid test and it was negative which was a relief.

January 8 - The doctor told me the bad news about the viral load test.  That evening I told my best friend what I went through and the bad news.

January 9 - I went to see the infectious disease doctor for a consultation.  Unfortunately, he didn't have the lab results at this time released from my other doctor's office.  He seemed reassuring and kind of theraputic, asking me my feelings, what I've been thinking, etc.  He also told me to stop taking the Epivir and gave me some homework (reading material).  I am going to see him again in 2 weeks.  After the visit I went to my original doctor's office to sign a release and get copies of his notes and the lab results.  I have to bring this to my infectious disease doctor before my next visit.

...And that's my story.  Tonight, my friends are taking me out to dinner for my birthday.

My emotions have been all over the map these last couple of months.  I feel like the world has fallen under a twilight like this video game I've been playing.  I have been involved in taking jazz, modern, and aerial dance classes and low-flying trapeze.  It has been difficult for me to go to those classes these last couple of months because of my constant worrying and anxiety, but when I go, it does take my mind off of things.  The doctor was reassuring today, but when I started reading the material he gave me, I became scared and worried again.  A part of me would like to believe that a cure will be found within 10 years, but another part believes that it's more profitable for drug companies to keep people alive with "life-long treatment."  So they have no real incentive to find a cure.  Hopefully, that part of me is wrong.

--- End quote ---

Hey Minus,

I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis.   Those intial days and weeks were pure Hell for me as well.   Everything does get better with time.   I was diagnosed in March last year.   Thank you for taking the time to put down a chronology of the events you went through.

That link you provided gave me flashbacks.   I had that exact skin rash on my body and it's the first time I was able to see an example.   It also confirmed the fact that I knew exactly when and how I contracted HIV.   Even though there was no doubt in my mind I had always second guessed myself wondering if my ex had lied about his status even though we'd both been tested negative.   

Anyways, it sounds like you are doing all the right things now.   Main thing is to continue on with your life and goals.   It's gona be a bumpy ride for a while. 

There are plenty of people with years more experience than me, but holler if I can help answer some of your questions. 

Hang in there!



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