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If you decleared bankruptcy in 2003, you are ALREADY eligible for some credit. Seven years is not necessarily the length of time it takes to START recovering from that sort of event. Getting a small (200 bucks) SECURED credit card is your first step. Thats when you put in 200 bucks, and in retun, can use this "credit card" to pay for stuff. Each month you use it, your credit improves.

However, if you are well and truly done with the notion of rebuilding credit, then I have linked to some sites might be able to help you send letters stating your status as "collection proof" or "judgment proof." If you have no real assets worth over 6000 dollars in total, then you might be. Judgment proof status does not allow anyone to garnish SSI/SSDI or other assistance. Your wages CAN be garnished.

Sending this letter costs nothing (except that the sites I link to recommend that you send this via certified mail).

here are the links:[url]]][url][/url]

Realize that doing this will set your bankruptcy clock back to zero, and even a secured credit card (not to mention checking accounts, rental agreements, car loans, et al) will be next to impossible to get. But it's an option for those of us who are not getting significantly better any time soon, and who are swamped with bills we cannot pay, and for those whom a credit rating is the least of our concerns. In my opinion, that's not you. But I thought I wouold put it out there.

Thing is, if you dont do SOMETHING, you will find yourself in worse shape than you can imagine, and for longer than even another bankruptcy would remain on your record. Again, I assumed that your goal was to get out from under your parents doorstep, away from the stress they obviously cause you and the lack of privacy and dignity to which they have subjected you.

We all agree that you deserve to be happy. Trick is, what are you willing to do to pursue that goal? How far are you willing to go? And... maybe the most important question... do YOU really... seriously, really - want things to change? Or has fear and apathy planted you where you are, for life? If it has, there are coping skills and means by which you can make the best of a wretched situation. But I have been assuming that you want more for yourself.

Please do not be an invalid before you are an invalid. Please choose to live.


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