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For A Limited Time Only...

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you are a very lovely woman Kate.

Joints are good


--- Quote ---So you are not holding a cigarette, then what are you holding? Joint? lol 

--- End quote ---

justin, i reserve my right to remain silent  :D

i hadn't thought about using it as an avatar pic...that's a good idea. I will fiddle about with it...see if i can get it the right size. You may end up with a picture of my left ear,or something equally random,  knowing my photo editing skills!

and thank you everyone for a much needed confidence's all gorgeous people too  :-*


Prettiest penquin I've ever seen.  I like it.  :)

here's a cropped and shrunk version... i'm a headshrinker :P

if you are having difficulty getting it adjusted.  not entirely sure it will fit though :!:

[attachment deleted by admin]

thanks bailey...much appreciated!

now i just sit back and wait for the crazy people to start stalking me... :D

kate x


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