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Sexiest player in the World Cup

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Steve the third link was by far the hottest.
Got any links with some really hairy chested men???...I find them VERY hot.

I always sees advertisements here in the city for 2(x)ist.....damn those men are all hot too!  If any of them posted on this forum, they would truly be amongst the sexiest on aidsmeds. ;)

World Cup... that's soccer, right? ;D


--- Quote from: Cliff on June 13, 2006, 02:24:16 AM ---He's cute.  Maybe a little too cute.  The kind of cute guy who loves to get his nails done just before the game.  Sexy athletes are like mountains, they gotta look good and rugged. 

--- End quote ---

but those types can change into rugged easily, as they age

I like to watch guys play with their um, um balls.


These two cuties... specially Ballack.....the one on the right, who plays for Germany


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