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Sexiest player in the World Cup

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Christiano Ronaldo is simply stunning, to name but one of a bunch of beauties on the field.

ps. how do I donwload a pic straight into my message? I've tried without success on many occassions now. what am i doing wrong?

He's cute.  Maybe a little too cute.  The kind of cute guy who loves to get his nails done just before the game.  Sexy athletes are like mountains, they gotta look good and rugged. 

There was a poll (for gay guys I think) on who was the sexiest world cup player and Beckham was on top (by a wide margin).  I don't really find him all that attractive.  More hype than substance.

yeah, i tend to agree with you Cliff re the 'rugged' look.
From what I've seen (and I've been looking a lot lately) most soccer players are pretty boys and I think they all might get their nail done before a game. You only have to look at some of them and they fall down clutching at their leg like it is broken. All part of the drama I guess.

Becks doesn't really do it for me either, until he opens his mouth that is. He sounds so young and sweet and timid that I just want to hug him and protect him from all the other bully boys.

Freddie Luhnburg (pardon my spelling) is pretty hot too.

He is hot!  Very hot.  I've seen that ad before (in lots of places) and never knew he was a footballer.  I love his tat and it's in the perfect spot.

And yes, you are aboslutely correct about those supposed injuries on the field.  You swear those guys were being murdered with all that drama they give.  One guy had a cramp and he was all over the place (grabbing his leg, rolling all over the field)...and here come the doctors (all 10 of them) checking him out and then they put him on a stretcher (and had the nerve to actually strap him down).  I was rolling on the floor laughing....that was entirely too much damn drama for a leg cramp.  Drink some water and walk it off guy.

He plays for Sweden (I think) in the World Cup, and plays (or played) for Arsenal. There were rumours about his sexuality at one time, but I think it was just wishfull thinking by some horny gay boys.

I'm not a big fan of AFL (Aussie Rules) but I think they are possibly the hottest. they're all tall (6ft and over), lean and rugged (when not prettied up as in the attached:


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