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very true ann.  Upon re-reading, I should have taken the questions as the obvious ones, and not the 'unasked' ones I was reading into it.

someone somewhere:
I am not looking for a relationship with her just friendship.She is very young like l said.We met in the doctor's office.

I plan on taking her to the woman's coffee night we have here for pozzies.

Thanks Ann for your kind words. All ready printed off stuff.

Oh and l am straight.

Only confused without my coffee.

First a big warm welcome. Three or thirty just reading your post makes me think you will do the right thing. You sound like the kind of person that if you don't will ask. Sounds like she was lucky to find you.

Hal :D

Being there for her, and letting her know it will be okay is perfect. She is lucky to have found a friend who can help.

Joe K:
Hey Somewhere,

Welcome to the forums and I can't add much to the excellent advice you have already been given.  All I can suggest is that you can really answer this question, because you know what you needed at first, so just return the favor.  Throughout the years, the one thing that ALWAYS matters, is for someone to know that they have someone whom they can lean on or bend their ear.

No matter what may happen, treat her as you would want to be treated and answer her questions truthfully and "I don't know the answer" is always better than fudging something.  Just be yourself, like you are here and I expect she will guide you in deciding what kind of support will help her best.


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