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Ok.. i spent all night working on my computer trying to get my damn videoblogging program to run with my webcam.

It wasn't a pretty sight.  Multiple reinstalls and several blue screens of death and to top it off, and a few system rollbacks and  i still have sound sync issues... but I think it's mostly stable enough now to run.... argh...

and now it's too late to put one together... but I haven't forgotten ya'll.  

Bailey (who admits to being lazy the last month but begs forgiveness)   I blame it on the meds.  But i've been dreading this setup process.   I have an inkling of what peter and  them all must have gone through with the new forums setup. Ugh.. It's a friggin nightmare.

It's the same program I used before... but i used to record outside the program and drag and drop into it like a movie editor, but the program is supposed to make vidblogging easy so you can just record as you go... well... it's been anything but easy setting up.  My old puter wasn't powerful enough to run it so I had no choice but to edit it like i did before... but it's just not the same dammit as the real features of the program.  You might not notice em, but i do.... and being a damn perfectionist, I hesistate to put forth the same old type of blog when I know I can do more.   It's different when you know that's all you can achieve, but I know i can do more in production quality.

well, a little bit more :P

the tests i've done tonight are so-so, but since it seems to be working, now that it's formatted, it should be an easy production which i hope to do at least weekly in the future.

Learning a new program isn't easy (though editing before in it was)... but since I relocated my computer to a corner, I need to use greenscreen backdrops and that's been a sticking point.  I *think* it's mostly resolved and while i'm busy tomorrow re-editing for mtv, i'm gonna try to get one out asap... i have this package from lwood that i'm dying to open :)

Shawn Decker:
Hey Bailey,

So you're doing a vid for the MTV thing, too?  That's awesome.  Gwenn, my wife partner, and I sent ours' in today.  And I can relate to what you're writing about in terms of computer woes, my iMovie program was taking to kicking me square in the nuts... I was about to throw in the towel.

Good luck with the vidblogging.

i think it's more the program at fault rather than the computer.... ergh..

pisses me off.  I am redoing my video based upon suggestions from mtv... no guarantees i'll be broadcast, but hopefully.... and a plug for in there will be naturally included.

Nadine: really haven't opened that package yet? I could not be that disciplined!

Been looking forward to a new blog from you and don't you forget to include Puppy London  :)

Waiting patiently.................

You Haven't openedit YET ???  Oh Dear God... The Cheeseball will have freakin Legs...


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