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delta 32 gene


Hi everyone,

I just posted a reply on an old thread so I thought I would re-post it as a new thread to see if I could get any current information on the Delta 32 gene.

I am new to this forum. I am trying to find out where I can be tested to find out if I have the Delta 32 gene that makes you resistant or immune to AIDS. I lived with a man for many years who has now died of an AIDS related disease, but I never have tested positive for HIV and we had unprotected sex for many years. (It seemed silly to start using protection after we found out about it, because I was already exposed to it for a long time prior to finding out about it).

From what I have read about it, people of Swedish descent, as many as 10%, are immune to AIDS. My father is Swedish and my mother Norweigan, and I think I may be one of those who has the Delta 32 gene. So far, the only place I know of to get tested is in Australia. I live in Texas.


Contact your doctor for the information on Delta 32 gene testing.


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