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This may be a silly inquiry. I've read that HIV II progresses slower. And that some people's HIV mutates itself into a corner making itself weaker. But I've never read any information that actually discusses this with any depth.

Has there ever been any studies done (I would assume it'd have to be in animals) trying to alter the course of person's virus into a milder strain?

If someone has HIV I and then was coinfected with HIV II and if HIV II became dominant would that not be a good thing...if even possible?

HIV is a chance thing. Would a lesser fire engulf a forest? The weaker fall and the stronger prevail. So it is with HIV. Best chance we have is extinguishing the flames. HAART is a good fire-fighter but we need something to snuff out the smouldering remains. Is that a good analogy?


PS. I know, I am gone...


Yes, it is a fine analogy. I understand the whole survival of the fittest evolution analogy also. It makes sense. In the end the worst virus replications survive. But I also read that it could mutate itself into being inefficient. Like I said I've seen little that explains this further. I know nobody on here is a scientist, but was wondering if anybody had read anything interesting in this realm.

brian (who maybe sits around and thinks about hiv too much)

Matty the Damned:
HIVworker is a scientist.



Sorry hivworker. I didn't know u were an actual HIV - WORKER. But I see the 'hiv researcher' now. I'll try and pay more attention.

Geez, there's a billion questions I could ask you. But maybe you could just direct me to a good book on the science of hiv...preferably with no squiggley mean faced cartoons of hiv or smiley faced CD4 cells in it.


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