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Fun and Adventure !!!.... I've est Retourne' !!

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I hate you so bad.


I hope they have kickass maple syrup though :)


Well tell us, are we going to have a good time?

Man !  and I had three more clues lined up too.  CSI has nothing on the AIDSmeds crowd.

OK, so I nearly crapped myself at the airport when the lady at the checkin counter said "OK, so youre all set for Montreal..."  So lets see, first of all the Airport is absolutely beautifull, and very modern-European. It looks like it was designed by IKEA. Customs was a breeze...
The first thing you'll notice when you get out of the airport is that The official Language is indeed French. And for the most part there's no English translation below it like at the airport, so brush up on the Francias'..
Although everyone speaks French, they can easily switch to perfect English if you dont parley francias, which is kind of a trip, and frankly made me feel like a dumbass for only knowing one language. Most places only take Canadian$$ so change some cash at the airport, credit cards work fine ( the currency exchange is automatic, for once, a nice service of major credit card companies)
Montreal has an excellent subway system and an unlimited 2,3,or 4 day pass is the way to go. a three day unlimited pass was less than $20 Canadian. The unlimited pass is good for the Subway AND bus system. Note, the subway maps are all in French, so locate an English translation before you set out, probablly at the airport, or Hotel. Once you know where you want to go the subway maps are pretty simple.
Montreal is a beautifull city, and very young. lots of fresh faced college students and well dressed young professionalls. Plenty of music student street performers too so keep a handfull of those nifty dollar coins for the good ones...
If shopping is your thing, Montreal is your city! The Rue St. Catherine strip of mostly clothing stores reminded me of Manhattan, without the markup !!  Our favorite was Simmons dept store. Very 'Twentysomething'
and SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS !! if a purchase is over $50 you will be refunded the sales tax after you leave !!!! pick up the form at the Airport and get your receipts stamped before you leave...

OK now for the part you Really want to hear...
The Gay Strip is fairly large, although I have to say more than a bit sleazy ( plenty of bums, Wino's & panhandlers...shops that sell bongs and Crack pipes...  just say 'no')  There are several umm shall we say, 'bath and sauna' clubs which sound like health spas in the guidebooks but in reality look more like homeless shelters. I'm sure there are some nice ones, but we didn't see them.  Plenty of bars at street level with stages and all manner of performers , and yes several male strip clubs (yes, fully nude and suposedly with private sessions available) We were just too damn tired to go exploring, so go with your instincts.     One place we did hit was called SkyBar  (take my advice, use the Elevator) Which is a cool rooftop bar that seemed to be popular with the College crowd  ::) and even included a pool. hmmmm. Dunno if Id get into a pool that was at a bar... think about it..
Overall, the people in the bars seemed young and good looking and pretty much every segment of the Gay community seemed to be present.... and this was on a Thursday.

The Musums are worth the trip also and so is the Botanical Garden - take the guided tour and ont skip the Japanese garden!!   On the way to the Botanical Garden is the Sports stadium where They'll hold the Out Games  in a few months and I think theres a tour available that will take you to the top of the 'Tower' above the stadium....not for those afraid of heights...  There's also an IMAX theater , and several performing arts centers. You won't be bored.

I was impressed with the food Everywhere we went, from coffee shops to top rated restaraunts. They seem to take a good deal of pride in food in Montreal and it shows. One good place is a chain of coffee&Sandwich shops called Van Hough or something like that,,, theyre EVERYWHERE, and very good. Makes Starbucks look like a lemonade stand.

Anyway, Ill add some pics later, Photobucket is slow this morning,  and fill you in on some of the fun and adventure.... hint- sex on a Canadian Goose down featherbed is just sinfully good...

Let me fix that franglais...J'ai retourne....

I have a question...Cool Climate?  Excusez moi?

(Who lives in outskirts of Montreal....)

The Canuck:
Indeed climate doesn't really apply these days AC is running full spin.  ;)


Great to hear you had fun in Montreal and enjoyed your trip. Simmons is my favourite stores for buying shirts. They have stuff most stores doesn't have ( styling I meant ). This store originated from Quebec City a long time ago ( we have three over here ) while the one in Montreal is fairly recent.

Looking forward to see the pics.


The Canuck

P.S. possibly meant '' Van Houtte ''.  ;)


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