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Fun and Adventure !!!.... I've est Retourne' !!

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I hate you. >:(

Yep, it was VanHoute coffee shop and cafe type place., they even made bread and cheese taste great...   
My Breakfast of Champions....

I really wanted a good souvineer T shirt but the only clever ones were Canadian Flags with Pot leaves and 'Canadian Bakin' written below it... I finally settled on This One :


and ofcourse I had to fit in with all of the well dressed Montrealers
Got L'Attitude ??

The weather was FAR from chilly, and without the Southern Humidity that I'm used to, it was Ideal!
Another cool thing to try out is the selection of 'Double' or even 'Triple' strength beers. I had one with a 9% alcohol content ( American beer is usually 5%) WOOOO HOOOO. Kinda like a beer AND a shot all at once !!


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