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Fun and Adventure !!!.... I've est Retourne' !!

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Well, YESTERDAY,  my boyfriend informed me that I needed to get packed for four days worth of travel to an as yet undisclosed location, for  "Fun and Adventure".   Yippie.   My BF is really big on 'Surprise Vacations'  and the only reason Im getting this much notice is that I need to get my meds  in order ( little does he know that I have A two week reserve in my sock drawer at all times) .....

Going on past experience,  a Fun and Adventure vacation usually involves  1) A stay in an unspeakable Hotel  2) some Gay activity that inevitably embarasses the Hell out of me and 3)some kind of scheduling fuckup that gets us back home around midnight on a Sunday...  This time around he told me to pack for a  ' cool climate' and to bring my Passport. so lets add frostbite to the above list. Yes, I realize that its June.   UGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.
Anyway I'll be back on or around Sunday, with pics and shit, so you all be nice....

Lwood :-*

woot!  I wish I had a boyfriend that great :)  Looking forward to your blog about it  ;D  details on debauchery must be included.

We want details when you get back.

 ;D :D ;) :)


Bonjour Mon HIV Ami !!!!

Well, It was definitely fun. Here's a clue as to where it was :   

Any Guesses  (hint: you will hate me )

Have fun in Montreal!!!!   ;D


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