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Recently had what I hope was a safe encounter with a prostitute while on business trip in Asia.  I did practice safe sex by using condoms.  That being said I do have a question or two:

1.) From what I have read on this site, HIV does cannot be transmitted from one person to another if via me fingering the woman, correct?  i.e. Same idea if you use saliva on your finger?  What about Hep?

2.) Regarding condom slippage?  Upon withdrawl, if the condom slips partially down the shaft of your penis, I am guessing that your exposure would be quite low?  Same deal with Hep?  This happened one time of out several (I guess you would call them sessions).  The other thing that happened that night was on one of our sessions, the condom became dried, so I switched (I could feel it).  As for knowing whether or not there are tears in the condom, frankly I never saw any, but in truth I had had several drinks.  Not a good excuse, but the honest truth. 

As for now since the incident (Dec 14th), no STD's that I can see 3 to 3.5 weeks later.  Only items I have:  fairly consistent headaches, occassionally running warm/hot, nausea, quite tired,  but to be clear I have gone through this whole behavior once before so I am taking this with a grain of salt.  Your board is great.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

1. not HIV, but it's possible to transmitt Hepatitis. You can spread Hepatitis via saliva.
2. you don't have to worry about the slippage as long as the head of your penis remained covered.

Andy Velez:
Nothing you have reported in relation to your incident put you at risk for HIV transmission. Please read the Transmission lesson if you haven't already done so. You get all the basics there. There's a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section.

If your condom had torn you would have known it. It's not a subtle event when it happens.

There are also lessons on this site about Hepatitis where you can get all the basics.

As far as HIV is concerned there's no cause for concern. Keep using those condoms everytime you have intercourse. And watch out for that excessive drinking. That is a major red flag because it puts you at risk for getting careless about safer sex.

If your symptoms continue to bother you discuss them with your doctor. Whatever is going on it's not HIV.


One more question, more the on the Hep side of things (I read through the information under lessons) and they mentioned that on average symptoms usually show up within 4-6 weeks).  So if my incident was on Dec 14th, should I be aiming for somewhere between the second and 4th week of January to get tested?  Am thinking of going to clinic Monday, to ease the mind, but if this is a waste of time, please let me know.   

I forgot to mention one other item, I guess really the one that in retrospect has me a bit uneasy -- the next morning when I get up and the woman left, the sheets had two noticable stains which made me think that she may have at the beginning/end of her monthly.  Does contracting Hep make it easier to contract other STI's as well?


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