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I had an episode of unprotected sex in late October of 2005.  Since the episode.... you name it... I got it.  I have chronic low grade fever for over a year now, hives, muscle twitches, night sweats, rashes all over my body, and mouth ulcers.  I also have swollen lymph glands in both my neck and behind my ear.  I got HIV tested with the rapid test (20 min finger prick test) though an STD clinic and was told at the time, that I was negative.  This test was conducted in April 2006 (approximately 6 months post risky episode).  I am not convinced of my status.  Do you think I may be one of those rare cases documented in text books that seroconvert after 6 months?  I've heard stories of people converted after a year.  I think I should be re-tested now that its been over a year.  I have also been to a rheomotologist and neurologist for the muscle twitches and rashes which they ruled out autoimmune diseases,lymes disease, and ran extensive blood work.  The only thing my rheomotologist found was that I was indeed slightly anemic. I never had anemia until this past year because I have always been able to donate blood and now I am turned down because of this.  Now I also have heard that HIV can cause anemia?  I am convinced I have the disease and will end up in the textbooks.  Any advice will help....  thanks


PS:  My rheumo is convinced I have an unspecified immune complex going on..... 

Symptoms aside, you have already tested for HIV and shouldn't need to test again. There are some very very rare cases of late seroconversion but these cases of > 6 months came with older tests and/or with people with reasons for late seroconversion such as age or other diseases such as cancer. If you are otherwise healthy, there is no reason to believe you would fit into this group.

You can test again if you wish, but you shouldn't have to. I understand that fear of HIV might be causing you anxiety and you should do what you feel is best for you. Medically, however, it is unlikely you have HIV. Your doctor should be able to fill you in more.

You should know that symptoms are not a method of diagnosing HIV, only a specific test can determine that. You have had a test and it was negative - outside of the liberal window period. So I don't see this as a case of HIV. I'm not your medical doctor so you should go to them for advice, but nothing in your story concerns me for HIV.



Are you aware that stress and anxiety will do a number on your immune system? Nothing you describe is hiv specific and you have already ruled out hiv through testing. Test again if that's what it takes to convince you. If you still cannot accept that you do not have hiv, then perhaps it's time to consider some face-to-face help with your anxieties through counseling.

You are hiv negative.


Thanks for the advice but I still wanted to know the answer to the anemia and hiv question I posted earlier....and as far as my health goes, I'm not sure if I would seroconvert late because I am always sick!  Is the rapid test comperable to the ELISA or western blot?  I know I do have anxiety...but who wouldn't having all the issues I'm going through?  My immune systems kicking my butt everyday with a fever.  I feel horrible and couldn't get enough rest if I slept all day.  I am horribly fatigued.....


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