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Can Ecstasy delay seroconversion?

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constant worrys:
Hi, I have a question regarding taking Ecstasy during window period. I took one Ecstasy at a party after 15 days I had an unsafe incident. Tested negative at 9 weeks. But on that test day night, I took another Ecstasy. Then I tested negative at 90 days mark. But lately I read an article: that says:

Results: A Single Dose
The researchers found that a single dose of ecstasy (100mg) taken by mouth caused a dramatic fall in the level of immune system cells called T cells, which are needed to help fight infections. The number of a specific group of T cells, called CD4+ cells, decreased by about 30% within hours after a single dose of ecstasy. Fortunately, within a day after taking this dose, CD4+ cell levels returned to normal.

Does it mean Ecstasy can delay seroconversion? I heard impaired immune system can delay that. So if a big T cell drop like this means immune system is impaired? Does it mean the immune system is not good enough to generate enough antibody for test during window period?

I'm thinking to have kids soon..should I retest? your expertise is deeply appreciated. 

Andy Velez:
Constant, you're mixing two issues together. The article raises the matter of ecstacy as possibly lowering the effectiveness of the immune system.

That has nothing to do with HIV testing. Your negative test result at 90 days is reliable.

The real red flag to me in what you've written is that you have had unsafe recently. You need to know that everytime you do that you are putting your life at risk. It's as stark and as simple as that. You can have all the sex you want and with whomever you choose. Condoms provide very effective protection. As long as one is used everytime you don't have to be concerned about HIV.

Other STDs are much easier to acquire, so if you are sexually active it's a good idea to get a full STD panel done at least annually, and every six months is even better.

This time out you don't have to be concerned about HIV.

constant worrys:
Thanks Andy,

My concern is why people at this forum say impaired immune system can delay seroconversion? With my reading, a man with normal immune system if infected will generate antibody to fight the infection, it seems to me that impaired immune system cannot generate antibody that is what test all about. To be honest, I don't think ecstasy will delay it myself..but I just want to hear it from the expert.

And thanks very much for the safe sex warning. The incident is actually about a year ago. I still cannot believe it ever happened. My guilty has killed me many times over. 

You are talking about the severe immunosuppression--I'll use a cancer patient on chemo for example--where the body loses the antibody response--so tests that detect antibodies--when you do a blood type, it doesn't correlate, the tests for HIV, etc wouldn't really work.  Granulocytes, B-cells, T-cells, etc all the components that go into fighting infection and antibody production are all wiped out due to the treatment.

A little drop in CD4 cells does not give you an impaired immune system.  It's much more complicated than that.  You still will be able to produce antibodies like normal.  The body can handle a dip in CD4 cells.  Ecstasy is not going to severely deplete your immune system to a point where you cannot produce antibodies or "turn on" antibodies.  At most, you may not fight off a cold as effectively, but it is not the same matter as not being able to produce antibodies.  You'd have to have much more going on to have that happen--not just take a little ecstasy.

constant worrys:
Thanks Coffee..

What you think, RapidRod..Since you said before impaired immune system can delay seroconversion...


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