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I recently visited a massage parlor and received a blowjob. The sex worker there put the condom on with her mouth and sucked for a couple of minutes. She then took off the condom to finish with a handjob with some lotion, but after a couple of moments of doing that I got paranoid and worried. I told her to put the condom back on, but by this point I had gone totally limp. As she was trying to put the wet condom back on, parts of it touched the tip and head of my penis. I'm pretty sure there was only saliva, but it was a dim room. After a few moments, she was finally able to wrap the condom around my penis and had to suck to let it expand into the empty condom and I came in the condom after a couple of more minutes. I feel like I messed up and should've just let her finish with the handjob. The whole thing was a bigger wet mess that I'd liked it to have been.

1) Did I practice safe sex?

2) Do you think I have any need to test for HIV at all?

3) Can I continue and have sex with my regular partner?

Andy Velez:
It doesn't matter if there was a bucketful of the woman's saliva on the condom or your penis. In the entire history of the epidemic there's never been a case of transmission from someone receiving a blowjob. It's safe to say that you aren't going to make history by becoming the first.

I do recommend that you read the lesson on Transmission on this site. There's a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section.

Other STDs are much easier to acquire than HIV, so if you are sexually active it's a good idea to regularly have a full STD panel done -- at least annually.

As far as HIV is concerned there's no need for testing in relation to this incident nor is there any reason to be concerned about same in relation to your partner.


Thanks for the respond Andy,

I think most of my fear is driven from guilt of the whole incident. Also the fear or paranoia that there was some blood that may have been on the condom. Just a stretch, but it definitely played with my mind in the situation and the fact that it was a massage parlor environment.

Definitely a worried well here.


I've looked at some information on dr. gallant's website, which this forum has often referenced to for sound information regarding oral sex and hiv in general.

It seems that you actually can get hiv from giving oral sex to a woman who has hiv.

But from the advice you guys give, there's absolutely no risk involved with cunnilingus. What do you guys think?

I need to rely on more expert voices to give you a more concise response, but meantime a few things spring to mind:

1.  To me, there is a huge difference between theoretical risks and real-world risks.  One of the links you provided seemed to be referencing performing oral sex on a menstruating HIV + woman...with deep open cuts on your face, perhaps?  I mean, whatever the actual statistical evidence might be on such a scenario, is that really a situation you see yourself likely to be in...ever?

2.  Those links sure seemed to be exceptionally brief and somewhat vague to me also.  I'd be curious to learn where you've seen that site 'referenced for sound information'.  I've personally been unaware of it.  I may be out of line on this, but I didn't find those links to be very helpful or informative at all.  I was rather suprised to see them under a 'Johns Hopkins' banner. 

3.  I couldn't help but note how old some of these Q and A links are you are referencing...7, 8. 9 years or more.  If I were you, I'd steer toward the most recent information available on any given subject.


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