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HIV Education Study


Hi everyone!
I am currently doing research on why people don't practice safer
sex all the time for my Masters Degree Research, and also for
application in HIV and AIDS programs in this and other countries. The
hope is to get a better idea of where people learn about STD and HIV
avoidance and how they make their decisions. This is an anonymous
survey that takes no more than 20 minutes.
We really need to figure out how to get prevention messages across,
because the current methods are not working as evidenced by the world
wide rise in STDs and HIV. Please forward this survey to any sexually
active Adults that you know also! Thank you all for the assistance!
-David Brunner
Kenya 2000 - 2002


Bear....thats a rather topical issue.  I am interested as well, as it relates to some of my research interests...

Have you read: Elisa J Sobo (1995):  Choosing Unsafe Sex: AIDS-Risk Denial Among Disadvantaged Women UPENN Press. 

Though slightly dated, you would find it illuminating.

Rgds, DK


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