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Touched anus with penis


How near the surface of the rectum are the blood vessels which rupture during anal sex?  The reason I ask is because I was with a ts and all I did was lick her breasts while i was on top of her.  I thought my penis had just been rubbing under her testicles when I noticed that the head of my penis had instead been pressed on her anus while I was on top of her.  I didn't penetrate her and I didn't pre-cum but I am uncircumcised and have heard that HIV can be transmitted throught the head of the penis which acts like a sponge.  There was no blood and I didn't enter her, at most, my head just rubbed on her for a couple of minutes.  All we did after that was I inserted my finger briefly and then we masturbated.  We didn't ejaculate on each other or near each other.  So my question is what kind of risk did I expose myself to?  Specifically with the head of my penis rubbing on her anus, even though there was no blood, could there have been HIV transmission?  How about with my finger, later that night I did notice a tiny scab over a small cut near my finger nail on the finger I used?  Thanks in advance.

In what you described you did not have a risk and where you heard that the head of a penis is like a sponge is beyond me. You Did Not Have A Risk.

Andy Velez:
Wonder, I agree with Rod that you were not at risk for HIV transmission in this incident. I can't tell from what you have written whether you were with a woman or a trans-sexual, but as far as no risk that's irrelevant.

You do need to read the lessons on transmission and testing on this site. There's a link to them in the Welcome thread which opens this section. You get all the basics that you need to know there.

HIV is not an easy virus to transmit. While being uncircumcised does raise the risk for transmission during unprotected intercourse, it doesn't make any difference in the activities which you have described in the incident you're concerned about.

Other STDs are much easier to acquire than HIV. So if you are sexually active you ought be getting a full STD panel done at least annually and every six months is even better.

This time out there's no need for HIV testing.



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