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Calling Jan...


I just saw that NZ has a nasty snow/ice ok?

I was wondering the same thing Basquo.

I recall Jan saying she had lots of work to do around the farm before the winter set in. I hope she got all her work finished in time before the weather set in. She is probably snowed in right now.


Hi Basquo

Thank you so much for your was the rain that slowed me from finishing some of my work..but the snow really put a stop to it..the middle of the South Island got it bad...we lost power for a about 4 hours but now(obviously) have it back started snowing earlier today and it's getting deep already, hubby went to Christchurch last week and is still there snowed in..another reason i was struggling to get the work finished...thankfully I managed to get the wind breaks and an extra shelter up so the animals are now warm, dry and happy.
Thanks again for your kinds thoughts..I'm cold but fine.


Glad you and the animals are safe and sound Jan, make sure you go turn the heater on, or sit by a nice warm fire!


Glad to read all is well Jan (put that fire on and keep warm :)

here is a warm hug,



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