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On Ringing in the Ears

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Almost everyday i have "ringing in the ears" - it only comes and goes ... nothing overly annoying.

Is this a side effect of my Combinivir and Sustiva ?
or just something mundane ?


I would talk to your doctor about it.

Perharps see a ENT specialist.( Ear Nose and Throat )

Being on med's may cause any kind of physical side effects on the body.

I have started to loose my hearing on Sustiva and Abacavir.

As of last February I have lost all my hearing.

To this day no one can associate my hearing loss with being HIV for 20 years and having been on meds for a long time.

Best of luck.

Hello ,

I have had the ringing in the ears, (tinnitus) since around early to mid 2004. I live with it everyday unfortunately. Do talk to your doctor about it.

Here is a link from the old forums, perhaps you can get some info from that link ;

Are you currently on any anti- biotics, besides your meds?

Have you had a conmplete STD scan ?

Take care-----Ray

thanks , those responses were helpful  :)

I get it A LOT too. Most of the time but usually it can be ignored. Not the high pitched R I N G I N G, but more of a background suttle hum.
I've tried the nose & throat doctor and they are clueless (as I expected). Wasted money on hearing tests and nothing came of it.
I feel its from the meds. I've heard many drugs cause ear ringing and these are pretty powerful drugs, so I just blame it on the meds.

Maybe someday they will discover, or admit, a link between these meds and ear ringing for some.

ps. sometimes I think its the sustiva frying my brain, but I guess that would be more of a sizzle than a ring  ;D


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