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Newbie here

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Welcome to our family, you will find alot of information and good people in here, I'm glad you have a wonderfull husbund that is helping you that is the most important thing to have some one who loves you no matter what  :-*



You dont need to beat yourself up about this. None of us wanted HIV.  In time you will realize your life will be pretty much normal.  Take good care of yourself, eat some greens,  etc,. 

Hang in there Newbie


hello newbie,

well i have to say your story really touched me.
and yeah it is weird how the majority of HIV+ people have been infected outside there homeland. Like myself i've been careful 75% of the time and it only took one little mistake and here we are. However I am really happy you have a supportive husband and you found your inner strength and decide to start your studies again.
I truly believe their is a path for each and every one of us and a story behind the virus. I can't wait to find out my path and my story.
I will keep you posted for my results and my second appointment with the doctor.
PS: I like what you wrote "Hanging on staying strong"

Thank you so much! I didn't think I would be able to move anyone.

The first thing we must do is to BELIEVE that we will be fine. Trust me. I still have fears and wish this would go away but the truth is that i won't but I will not let a "condition" stop me just like poeple without legs, arms, diabetes, cancer, etc.

So hang on! We will be alright!


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