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Dog Door


So we got this dog door that attaches to the screen door of our sliding door to the deck and the backyard.  Our dogs are in and out all day and we figured they'd love it.  Our female dog will use it but our male (Judd) is afraid of it so I find myself letting him in and out all day.  We've tried to coax him thru with food and that doesn't even work.  Maybe he'll surprise us someday.  Maybe I should put a kitty or bunny in the backyard (LOL)

kitties work wonders... perhaps leave the 'flap' open so he doesn't have to push through it?   That may help get him used to it a bit so he'll eventually use it with the flap down.  Could be as simple as that flap scaring him.



Just prop the door so that it stays open. Let your dog get use to going in and out. Then after heís use to going threw the opening (a day or so) let the door down. Iíve done this with dogs and catís.



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