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HI their iam new have few questions

1. recently i went and done a full blood test for blood count ,immune system, etc sugar all that sort of testing the results came back 100% NOW what i want to know if i was positive to HIV/AIDS would that show a little sign in these normal blood tests or it has Nothing to do with that? what i mean is make the doctor have a slight idea by looking at the results ?


I feel heaps dizzy at times , sometimes no energy...... then i get energy, and my legs seem to get weak do u guys think its hiv symptoms? 

please help

Andy Velez:
The ONLY test which will tell you your HIV status is an HIV-specific test. The results of other blood tests and such are totally irrelevant in relation to HIV.

You haven't indicated why you think HIV might be an issue for you. If you have had unprotected intercourse, either vaginal or anal, then you need to get an HIV test. That should be done at 13 weeks past the most recent such incident.

As for your symptoms, there is nothing even remotely suggestive of HIV, but then neither the presence nor the absence of symptoms is ever the way to know about your HIV status.

Read the lesson on this site about Transmission and also about testing. You will find a link to them in the Welcome thread which opens this section. 

Well for example if u get HIV , are the symptoms that strong that the person will go doctors or they can go un noticed and go through body without even knowing?

or most of the time its powerful symptoms?

very worried , i thjink about it to much wether i have it or not ? could my brain be playing up aswell as its thinking about it to much and worrying so now everythin that happens i think its HIV ?

I had unprotected vaginal sex thats why iam worried

Sometimes my below my knees feel like their is nothing very weak cant stand on then in 2-3 days goes back to normal

1. What is meant by running out of breath ? i dont understand is that when you try take a big breath u cant and is it common symptom

2. By thinking about having aids or not can ur brain make u abit crazy ? what i mean by crazy is everything u see with hiv aids it makes u think u have it , can that make u worried that everything that happens to u , u think its hiv symptoms or n such thing ? i think about it none stop could dat be most of my problem

3. i lost 2-3 kilos how many kg do u usually loose?

4. what is the most commen symptom that happens to almost every hiv infected person


You know, you need to test. Symptoms or lack of symptoms means nothing when diagnosing hiv. The symptoms that you have stated are not relevant to hiv. HIV has no specific symptoms.


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