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I had a few sewing needles in a box on the bus and a 2 kids wanted to see them so i let them. THe kids started poking themselves with the needles and drew blood. I asked them if it hurt and in reply with one of the needles he lightly poked me with it (don't know for sure whether or not he poked me with a needle that he had been pokeing himself with, but there is a posibility that he did). I didnt bleed but the very tip of the needle might of punctured my skin. My question is if I am at risk of getting HIV. Again,  it was a solid needle, and i think only the tip punctured my skin(i did not bleed), but the blood on the solid needle could have been fresh blood. I'm pretty worried so can someone please answer.

You did not have a risk for HIV infection. Please read the "Welcome" thread and read the lessons on transmission.

Tell them next time they feel inclined to poke you that you are going to sew their hands together. This incident hasn't hasn't placed you at risk for exposure.


good luck, I know how scared you must be. i think you'll be just fine though.

scaredgirl, please keep all your thoughts and guestions in your own thread.


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