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can he really be negitive???asap

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i tested positive one year ago. going by my numbers then which were cd4 92 and a viral load of 710,000. my doc said 5-8 years i had it. which i ran into someone i new at the docs office. so now i am going to say 8 years. my question is i lived with someone 2 years ago for 2 years. we had unprotected sex for that 2 years even when it was that time of the month. after i found out and because i still talk to him i told him to get tested. he said he did and he said he was negitive. is that possible???? i really think he did not get tested because i dont think he wants to know. i know he has been with at least 2 girls since me. i just dont want him to pass it on if he really has not been tested. can he really be negitive???


It is TOTALLY possible. Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus and more so from a woman to a man.

My own partner and I were together for a year and a half before we discovered my hiv status and he's still hiv negative over seven years later. Of course we use condoms now, but we didn't before we knew I was positive.

Both our fellas were lucky. As you still talk to your ex, please let him know that just because he dodged the hiv bullet this time, he needs to be using condoms with his partners until he's in a securely monogamous relationship where he and his partner have both tested negative together. Tell him that to have unprotected intercourse is to consent to being infected with a sexually transmitted infection.

BTW, welcome to the forum! ;)



it is very possible that he is negative.  I was in a similar situation with my wife. We had unprotected sex for several years while I was positive (before I knew my diagnosis).  She turned out to be negative.  It must be just plain luck.  Although I hear some folks are less susceptible to the virus.


My wife and I had unprotected sex many times over the course of several years (I didn't know I was poz till recent) and she has tested negative twice now so yes it is possible.

Partner and I played bareback with him as the bottom for 8 years.  I was diagnosed close to death and had been infected for years.  Partner is neg and we went at it like bunnies and he always got the load.......strange things happen.


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