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Hi, everyone:

Since the last hiv test has came back negative again, i think i MIGHT have already ruled out the possbile infection. But could you please tell me whether should i need for test HCV as well? I dunno if i have the chance of getting that virus through giving oral.

My exposure was givng head to a guy for half minute without ejaculation in my mouth, also that person claimed he has nothing. :-\



No, you don't need to test for hepatitis C. Hep C is primarily transmitted through blood to blood contact and is not generally considered to be a sexually transmitted infection. Most of the very few cases where sexual transmission of hep C has been suspected or confirmed, there was rough and bloody sex involved (ie. fisting)

As long as you are not sharing drug injecting equipment, getting "jail-house" tattoos, or having unprotected sex where damage and active bleeding is caused to both partners, you don't need to be concerned about hep C.

You are without doubt hiv negative. Use condoms for intercourse and you will continue to avoid hiv infection. It really is that simple.


Hi, experts here:

I developed a fever (38 c) yesterday afternoon (donít think I caught a cold at all), the temperature went back normal by todayís morning after I took some antibiotic, but left me with headache and watery stool. I thought Iíve already ruled out the possible of HIV infection after bunch of ELISA tests I took, but the fever and some other very strange symptoms still hanging there persuade that I might be a late sero..

9 weeks, 12 weeks, 14 weeks, 18 weeks and nearly 23 weeks all negative, should I be retested at exactly 6 months past exposure to be 100% certainly that HIV is not the cause of my symptoms?

Thanks for your inputs. I know Iíve been so much annoying over this incident, please understand. :-\



You are as hiv negative as one can get. Your test at twelve weeks was conclusive and the tests you had done after were overkill.

You never really had a risk in the first place. You're not on chemotherapy for cancer, you haven't had an organ transplant that you are taking anti-rejection drugs for and you haven't been injecting street drugs daily for years. There is no way that you would seroconvert late.

You are conclusively hiv negative. If you cannot accept your negative hiv status, please seek the assistance of a mental health care professional to help you deal with your health related anxieties.

No cold, flu or fever is going to change the fact that you have tested conclusively negative. Use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse and you will continue to avoid hiv infection.



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