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Thanks Everyone


Hello everyone, my name is Simon and I just joined though I've been reading information on the site for a long time. I recently was tested for HIV, I didn't feel like I'd had any major risk but I'm a worrier so had the test at 5 months then now at about 10 months as because I read somewhere that although its ultra, almost not possible, rare to go undetected at 6 months I still worried. Anyway I tested negative and I just wanted to thank you all as you helped ground me when I was particularly scared.

You're doing a great job in my opinion.

Andy Velez:
Good. Glad you found the site to be helpful.

I don't know what the source of that misinformation was about an extended waiting period to be tested, but it's nonsense. The CDC is quite conservative in this matter and has for sometime recommended 13 weeks as a reliable testing point. The only exceptions to that which require waiting until six months are situations in which IV drug use are involved or the person has a severely depleted immune system as in cancer treatment situations.

Just remember to always use a condom for intercourse so you don't have to go through that kind of worry again.



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