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What is the weather like in Montreal during August? clothing decsions...

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I am from the south. Here we have hot humid days usually 100 degrees or higher with 100 % humidity. At night it cools down but still very humid. I am trying to figure out what types of clothes I will need for the trip.
So far I thinking Cargo shorts & short sleeve shirts for the day. Jeans, short sleeve shirts & maybe a jacket for nights & dress clothes for the activites on Friday night.

Just wonderin'


The Canuck:

Usually the temperatures are quite high and very humid in mid-August. Not as much as in the Southern States of course but most likely you wouldn't need a jacket for nights. However it happened from time to time we have a shitty Summer so this is hard to predict.

I should be able to mention something on this forum, let's say 4-5 days before the actual gathering on what to expect at that time.


The Canuck

Thanks Canuck. I'll be looking for that info.

I read this post and thought it said clothing optional.

My mistake.

You never know with that wild dingo runnin' around! LOL


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