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It's been ten days & I still can't walk...

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Dan sorry to hear about your mishap. Hope you get to feeling better. Also quit chasing cars. ;)

Does anybody have a bag of frozen peas? Going to Kroger is going to be a painful undertaking.

Sweetie I just can't resist...if you can't find frozen peas. Imagine whirled peas.
I'm up the road if you need me.

Hal :-*

I'll book a priority-massage flight for the most incredible unlucky fellow in Tenessee.

I would suggest "helium heel" excercises... but you need a partner for that...

Don't want to sound mean sweetie.
I wished I could come over and rub the apin away.

hermie :D

water duck:

So sorry to hear of your pains.
If u had pulled a muscle, that , maybe u can try lying on your back flat, and bring up your legs or rest them on a small stool to be abit higher & just let your muscles rest.
Over here in Belgium we can find massage oil with arnica  that u can massage yours tired legs with.
Hope this helps & that u get better soon !!  8)



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