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Im not trying to annoy everyone here, im freaking out (which isnít your problem) but can I really really take it that the sexual activity I described didnít put me at any risk of HIV transmission?  (getting oral, being rimmed, cum on hands with slight cuts and hangnail)


Yes, you can really really really say that you didn't have a risk of hiv infection from getting rimmed, getting a blowjob and getting cum on your slightly cut hands with hangnails. No risk, no risk, no risk.


Could you be a little bit more specific please (just joking in case i get a time out ! ) ;D   thanks for your advice ann   

rang tht and the woman I spoke to said that it was a small risk.   Eek.   Im going with you guys though! ( i hope you're right )

just done a quick search and i have loads of sites telling me that receiving oral sex is a risk !    i wasnt even worried about that before the woman at tht said it.

just some of them   :(  am getting stressed again, can i really be assured there has been no documented cases of getting hiv from receiving oral sex. 

ok, im going to stop searching the net for one.   and im going to try and put this to the back of my mind for the next three months.  I dont understand why an organisation like tht, who isnt religiously/politcally motivated would tell me its a risk.  You guys were right the last time i was on here so i need to concentrate on that. 


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