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heres my story....

during end of august me and a friend flew down to aruba for a week for vacation.......We were having a good time and followed a cab drivers advice to head to a town about 20 miles away were prostitution is legal.....he also said they they got tested regularly....

so basically we went and it was a sketchy place......i had protected intercourse with a girl after she gave me oral with the same condom on.....After we left for the next week i had pain in my testicles for the rest of the trip... On the last day i started to have diarehhia....Once i got back to the states i went to the doctor and had some blood tests done, which came back all fine... Around that time I got a minor sore throat... i started get really stresses and thinking that i got HIV or sometime of std.....I startd to get really scared and thruought all of september i was online looking at symptoms of hiv and was getiing really freightened..... i had a constant sore throat and weakness thruought my arms and legs.... i fianlly went to get std testing and at 7-8 weeks since the encounter it came back  NEGATIVE.......however i still have a sore throat and now just a weird feeling in both my hands... its hard for me to sqeeze both my ive had these symptoms for already 4 months.....ive seen multiple doctors and they basically say its nothing...........

im hoping it has to do with carpal tunnel syndrome as i am a college student and i work on a laptop often....also maybe it has to do with video games and the controler as me and my roomates have played alot of games....

should i get tested again for hiv...


Should you get retested? Why? Have you had unprotected sex since? If you haven't, you don't need to test. You didn't need to test the first time. Whatever your problems are they are unrelated to HIV. 

i wanted to know have any people who have tested positive had any symptoms related to the hands.....

Symptoms are irrelevant when it comes to diagnosing HIV. Testing is the only definitive means of determining ones status and since you did not have a quantifiable risk then testing is not necessary. Since you were travelling to a different country did you factor for the possibility that had something to do with your ailments.

I don't see anything you've written as a concern for HIV; just keep those condoms handy and consider getting a general STD checkup at least once a year if you remain sexually active.


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